I love living & working in Tasmania, most of all because of its people. Our Island paradise has no shortage of men & women of all ages who have amazing ideas and the work ethic to bring their BIG ideas into reality.

The challenge on our Island is our size but despite this, we work together to make it happen anyway. There are so many micro, small, medium and large businesses here doing amazing things both here at home and abroad but you may never know their stories unless you spend time with them and talk with them about what they’re doing…

The team at Switch Tasmania have their finger on the pulse and they literally spend time with so many business owners, working with them, mentoring and advising them.

But I find that their most valuable role comes from their ability to connect local business owners with opportunities and other business people in the region

And that’s why I’m looking forward to Idea 2017. I want to hear about the GOOD things which are happening on our coast. I want to pick up ideas and insights, I want to meet more people and reinvigorate the sense that we’re in this together and that it’s together that we grow our region.

Now here’s the shameless plug…

It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO of a multi- national or a micro business which is run from home, this event will have something for you…

  • A new idea?
  • A skill you could use?
  • A new opportunity?
  • An important introduction?

There’s going to be something for you which will help you along your business journey so take the morning off and come and do something for yourself for a change. (Your business will survive your absence!)

Invest in yourself and your business and book your ticket today…

I’ve got mine, will I see YOU there?

Nathan Kelly

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