Discover The 7 Keys To Crushing It In Your Niche
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The 7P Marketing Method

Discover the 7 Keys to Crushing It In Your Chosen Niche

The 7P Marketing Method helps business owners & managers to plan & execute successful marketing campaigns that attract, convert, close & delight more of their ideal, premium clients. The method is our way of making sure that when you launch into broadcasting your marketing messages, which they resonate with your ideal, premium clients.

Far too many business owners & managers spend too little time preparing their marketing messages. In a rush to get a campaign, website or social media platform launched, they end up saying the same stuff that everyone else does. Consequently, most marketing is simply head to head yelling or the same marketing messages.

When you use the 7P Marketing Method, your team will:

  • Deep dive into your businesses DNA
  • Communicate your value proposition
  • Prepare Content which resonates
  • Campaigns that deliver results

Discover the 7 Keys To Crushing It In Your Niche Now!


Find out how to identify & communicate your purpose in every marketing campaign. Today’s consumers are looking for people who live with a purpose, those who will make a difference, challenge the status quo & deliver real value for them. Paul Dunn of B1G1 says “We’re drowning in a sea of sameness” so share your purpose with your ideal, premium clients & reap the rewards.


Identifying your ideal, premium clients (IPC’s) will help you to create marketing that connects with their true needs, wants, motivations, goals & fears. Today’s consumers are looking for a personal connection & individual customisation. With so much choice in the market, anything less than an exceptional point of difference just won’t connect with your ideal premium clients.


Turning your products & services into value added packages is the best way to simplify your business & shorten your customers’ decision-making time. You should create products out of your skill set & sell your knowledge online in the form of ebooks & training videos.


We’ll help you to develop a winning pitch which communicates your true value quickly & with clarity to your ideal, premium clients. In today’s fast-paced, high-tech world. We’ll show you an intelligent & effective process for pitching your ideal, premium clients in a genuine, value-packed way which will not just bring in more business but to win heart,  minds & a loyal tribe of followers.


Marketing has changed dramatically in recent times. Consumers have become tech & marketing savvy they will no longer tolerate “Wam, Bam – Thank you Stan” marketing. You’ll need a planned and sophistivated sales funnel or commitment pathway for prospective clients to travel down.


Most business people think “digital marketing” and immediately run to build a website, hook up social media or get involved with online advertising. We’ll help you to use the right platforms but in the right way so that they resonate with your ideal, premium clients. It’s important to slow everything down and match the right content to the best platforms for the right people.


You need marketing procedures in place which are going to help build your online reputation in a positive way. The days of “set & forget” marketing are gone & now business owners need to remember that they are building an online asset which becomes a valuable part of their business. By putting in consistent marketing procedures you will be sure that your asset is being built & your rewards will come.

The 7P Marketing Method

Discover The 7 Keys to crushing it in your niche.

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