How to get noticed in a crowded marketplace

As the owner of a successful marketing company, everyday clients ask me to help them stand out from the crowd in a competitive marketplace. They struggle to find their point of difference, and they are often disappointed with the results they’re getting online.

It seems that every time they employ someone to help them with their marketing, build a new website or run online advertising they come off looking very like their competitors. In this world of templated solutions, it seems that even marketing agencies struggle to give them the competitive edge they need.

Because of this, I resolved never to treat my customers with this level of disrespect or roll out cookie cutter marketing campaigns that waste everyone’s time, effort and hard earned money.

So in this article, let me share four simple steps you should take before even considering launching your next marketing campaign. Warning, most people won’t put in this effort, and that’s why they struggle with their marketing.


You’ve got to believe in yourself and your principles, method, product or service. You need to examine exactly what makes you unique and start to write these things down. Do an in-depth study on yourself. What do you do that no one else does? What are your strengths your experiences and your unique ways, insights and methods for getting great results for your clients?

Don’t rush this. Only move on when you can articulate it in a way that truly marks you as being unique. Study yourself and come up with a unique marketing statement like this one.

At 7P Marketing we build custom marketing strategies for our clients that help them to crush it in their chosen niche.

Our seven-step marketing methodology prepares our clients to present themselves in a truly unique way which attracts, converts, closes, and delights their ideal customers for more profit, guaranteed.


Train yourself to become an observer and a list maker. Ask yourself everything about your ideal clients, get it down on paper and become an expert on their problems, fears, goals, motivations, and aspirations. Never take anything for granted, write it all down and study their every move.

By having comprehensive intelligence on your clients, you will start to identify trends and commonalities. You will find that the more you study them, they easier it will become to reach them with effective marketing campaigns.


Look at where your customers are when they first come to you and look at where they want to go. Now examine your unique process for getting them there and now you have what I call a customer bridge. The customer bridge is simply the steps you take to solve their problems. If you draw this bridge for them and talk them through it in the sales conversation, I guarantee that you will begin to close more business.


If you have ever stood in a turkey pen, then you know the noise that a flock of turkeys can make. When one starts, they all join the chorus with gobble, gobble, gobble.

Marketing within a competitive marketplace can sound the same. It doesn’t matter how loud you gobble; you get drowned out by all the other turkeys.

So don’t join the chorus, take the time to follow the steps I’ve outlined here and create a unique, tangible and recognisable point of difference which will help you to stand out from the crowd.

The key to marketing is knowing yourself, your customers and your process for fixing their problems. If you can nail this, then you will find your true uniqueness and your competitors will grow more and more insignificant.

Very soon you won’t be gobbling with the turkeys, you will be soaring with the eagles, those ideal clients that you love to work with, that satisfy you and pay you for what you do well.

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