How to be more creative in your marketing

When I talk to Small Business owners in the finance, legal or administration type industries, their top two questions about online marketing are “how do I make what I do interesting?” and “how do I keep coming up with engaging content for my blog, website, and social media platforms?”

They think that it’s too hard, or they say “but I’m not very creative!”

The fact is what they do is extremely interesting, but because they are in it every day, they just can’t see it anymore.

The best way to find your “creativity” again is to cast your mind back to when you first started out in your industry.

  • – How did you feel?
  • – What excited you about the industry then?
  • – What were you passionate about?
  • – What tasks did you love doing?
  • – What do you know, that your clients are surprised by?
  • – What did the perfect day look like?

Once you’ve jotted down some ideas, start to think about your clients and what they find interesting about your industry.

  • – What problems do you solve for them?
  • – What itch do they have that you scratch? (sounds gross!)
  • – What happened last time you really helped someone?
  • – What mess did you get them out off?
  • – How did they react?
  • – What did they say?

You see, that even though you might be a bit bored with what you’re doing, (it happens) the results of your work are exciting to your clients.

In essence, we are all (no matter what we do) in the pain relief industry. If you’re not solving a meaningful problem, then you won’t be in business for very long.  So the key to creating great content is to start with ‘pain relief stories” and sharing “how-to” tips & tricks.

I was chatting with two ladies, who are both XERO professionals, the other day about this exact issue.

Interestingly, both of them said the same thing about how their clients feel once they’ve sorted out their finances. (Xero & a Xero expert can do that!)

They observe their clients relax and gain a sense of relief.

“When we get their finances sorted, our customers smile. They know what the numbers mean, and they can start planning for the future.”

You see even in the finance industry (and most others), lives are being changed for the better, and that gives you guys & girls in so-called “boring industries” lots to create content about.

So, can I encourage you, to buy a notepad and start jotting down your pain relief stories and more notes about the subjects your clients get excited about and the questions that they ask you.

In no time, you will find that you have too many ideas to write about, and your next issue will be ‘how do I keep up’?

But I will write about that another day.

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