“Good questions outrank easy answers.”
Paul Samuelson (American Economist & Nobel Prize winner)

 As a member of the Brisbane & Gold Coast marketing community, I have business owners coming to me every day looking for an edge over their competition and looking for a way to make their business stand out in a busy and often crowded marketplace.

1.. So how do you make yourself stand out from your competition?

2. How do you take the awesome work that you do and get people to notice you?

3.What can you do, to create a unique selling proposition or point of difference, when there are so many other providers of your product of service in Brisbane, The Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast?

Well look at this quote by  Paul Samuelson 

“Good questions outrank easy answers.”

Many of you are going to dismiss this because it’s too simplistic. But for a few of you, the penny will drop.

It all starts with asking good questions.

– What are your customers asking themselves?
– What keeps them up at night?
– What problems do they want to solve?
– How could you help them to solve these problems?

What questions could you ask them, that would result in them asking (and paying) you for your help?

Instead of giving them the answers in the form of advertising or rushing in to sell them your solutions, keep asking your customers insightful questions in your sales conversations as well as in your marketing copy.

Instead of advertising copy which says:

” Buy from me. I’m the best; you need what I’ve got because I want to sell it to you.”

You could try this instead

– Talk to your customers about their business problems.
– Ask them what bothers them.
– Find out what problems you currently, fix for them.
– Find out what problems they have fixed by others.
– Ask them if they would come to you, if you started fixing these problems.
– Ask them what problems they have that no one can seem to fix for them.

I guarantee that you will build a better relationship with your client, gather insight on new opportunities and unearth loads of information that you could use in your marketing copy.

I hope you get the picture.

Now armed with this marketing technique you can:

– Build blog posts – that ask good questions
– Make great videos – that ask good questions
– Write ebooks – that ask good questions
– Send emails – that ask good questions.
– Record podcasts – that ask good questions.
– Run great Adwords campaigns – that ask good questions.

It’s in these actions that you start to build marketing campaigns that are “evergreen”. This kind of content keeps on bringing customers to you, simply because you asked the right questions and refused to do what everyone else does, which I call copycat marketing.

Have the courage to do your research before going to market. It takes time to prepare your offering before your write your marketing copy but it’s always worth it!

The problem with the marketing industry.

In the marketing industry, most digital marketers rush ahead with what their clients want. Consequently, they create websites, email automation, run Adwords campaigns, create brochures, videos, podcasts, etc. without challenging their client about the content they are promoting.

To be honest, that while this is generally the job of a digital marketer, in my opinion, it’s not right to take a client’s money, if these questions have not be asked and if insightful conclusions have not been reached.

I would never run a campaign for a client that does not start with a strategy that is customer focused. We find that starting at the beginning with your ideal customer’s persona and the questions that your customers are asking is the best way to achieve a marketing campaign that has a point of difference and that will provide successful outcomes.

If our clients have not asked their customers these important questions, then we know that they are going to find a disconnect with their client and the campaign is not going to be as successful as it could have been.

Here’s that quote again.

Look carefully at it and walk away with the wisdom it provides.

“Good questions outrank easy answers.”

Next time you are tempted to give an easy answer…

Ask a good question.

So here’s my good question for you today…

1.Do you have a plan in place that allows you to attract, convert, close and delight your ideal clients to your business?

2. Have you put in place a strategy that does not just tell your clients what you do but one that asks them insightful questions?

3. Would you like to chat with us about how to get yourself working with your ideal clients? You know, the ones who have enough money to spend on your quality services. The ones who just trust you to get results for your without micro-managing you?

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