How the tech revolution is changing your business

It’s hard to think of an area in our society which has not been affected in some way by the rise of the technology revolution.

Yes, things are always in a state of change, but this tech revolution, in particular, digital technology is making gigantic changes in how we all get things done. It’s shaping our behaviour as business people and as customers.


Many of us Small Business owners are in front of digital media every day and perhaps we take it for granted that we can sit at our desktop or mobile device, download an app for every occasion and get some real business done from wherever we are.

If we need to create something, record something, connect, share or organise something for work or home, we can jump on Google or social media and search or ask our friends “what are you using for (insert your objective here)?”

Fairly quickly (if not instantly) our friends reply with a myriad of apps that they’re using and what’s good and bad about them. Buying has become completely revolutionised.


I love my digital life. I feel like I was born for such a time as this and that if I was born even 100 years ago that I would have been frustrated with horses and carts or handwriting letters. Thank God for Uber & Facebook Messenger.

My point is that if we as Small Business owners have changed so much, then our customers have also and we need to remember this in our marketing.

Digital marketing is not just about using digital tools; it’s about how you communicate through them.


It’s important to remember not to be “old school” in this new digital marketing era.

Old marketing was about telling clients what they want and why they should buy from you. It involves a lot of pushing, convincing and treating the sales process as a numbers game. I call it yell, yell, yell, sell, sell, sell!

New marketing, sometimes referred to as inbound marketing, relies on creating products and services which solve significant problems, in other words, solutions to real world problems.

New marketing uses digital technology platforms to lead clients who have similar groups of problems, wants or needs to your door by leading with demonstrated value, rather than driving them with brand promises.


Unlike the days of traditional advertising, when the “Mad Men” were in control. Digital has put consumers back in control of the buying process. We all have (as consumers) the power to learn, search, evaluate and choose from billions of different products and services.

New Marketing or Inbound marketing works from the premise that we as business owners can form connections with real consumers through the content that we place online. Online has become the private “sales floor” for consumers. Here they can look in peace, ‘kick a few tires’ and make their decisions without a salesperson pushing them into anything.

The new normal is an expectation that the buyer has the choice to compare brands, products and services from the relative privacy of their personal digital devices. The job of a marketer is to demonstrate the value that a product or service has to these prospective clients.

The digital world gives the marketer the opportunity to prove their products value and worth to the prospect and to lead them into a purchase decision that they are delighted with. From this delight, comes a voluntary sharing of their experiences through social media.


Your mission as a Small Business owner is clear. Stop using old school yelling and selling techniques in the new world of digital marketing. It just won’t give you long-term sustainable results because quite frankly people hate it.

It’s important that you invest the time and money in creating digital assets which demonstrate your value to the potential customer. If you use digital platforms and techniques to communicate your value to your clients, then you will find that you will be speaking the language that your consumers speak.

The tech revolution will shake many businesses who won’t adapt to the changes it brings. However, as you move your marketing philosophy towards an inbound approach and you adapt your message to draw clients to you, you will find that more and more opportunities will come your way.

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