Online Advertising

to drive traffic into your sales funnel

Attracting traffic to your website

Once you’ve got a marketing strategy that works effectively, you will want to start to drive high numbers of your ideal clients to your website.

For this, we use paid advertising for very targeted results or even as a way of testing your marketing systems. We can help you to advertise on the major search engines as well as on social media platforms.

We can help you to advertise on the major search engines as well as on social media platforms. We can also organise landing page campaigns whenever you need them to catch & convert the visitor into a lead.

Choosing the right advertising strategy

Choosing the right online advertising is very important. Many business people we meet set up a website & start advertising on Google Adwords, Yahoo & Bing. However, while they almost always experience website hits, they tend to waste a lot of money as visitors to their sites click in, have a good look around and then move on to a competitors site.

It’s so important to have a strategy in place to process these hits & bring them into a nurturing system where they can engage with your website, content, social media,videos, download assets etc.

It takes on average 11hours of quality content, 7 touch points on 4 platforms for a client to become completely convinced that you are the right person to deal with. You can read more about this on our Content Marketing Page



When to Use PPC or Ads

In the old days, many business owners were advised by advertisers to drive traffic to the home page of their website. This worked for a while, however, it’s much better to use short, fast campaigns aimed at specific offers.

You need to use PPC & Social Media Ads to get attention, give a gift or offer & register people’s interest. Stop trying to sell you whole business, just introduce one bit at a time

Landing Pages Only

Forget advertising your website homepage. Only ever use landing pages with specific offers.

Pre-Event Registrations

Got an event coming up. Why not advertise your event to a link to a landing page & sell tickets to your event.


Limited Spaces or Stock

Got excess stock or appointments. Run a special & drive targeted buyers for that one short term offer!


Market Research

Got a new idea, product or service that you want to test? Set up a landing page with some nurturing emails in tow.

Want More Traffic to your Website?

Make sure you have a complete strategy in place. Ask us how