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Marketing without a strategy in place is like throwing mud at the wall & seeing what sticks. Unfortunately far too many businesses just put up a website or a social media page & wonder why their marketing doesn’t work.

What every business needs is a marketing strategy & an implementation plan. This entails sitting down & mapping everything out in a logical order so that everyone on your team understands the marketing & sales process.

With your team onboard & your plan in place, your marketing will have a compounding effect, until it becomes an income-producing ecosystem which attracts, converts, closes & delights your ideal, premium clients.


It all starts with a proven strategy

We always start our services with a proven strategy on which to build your marketing asset. Together we will create your strategy, which is an essential document, which defines how to inter-connect all of the marketing channels to work together in a perfect synergy. We know that’s the only way to reach your goals, improve your business & save you money.

The goal of the strategy & implementation plan is to attract, convert,close & delight more of your ideal, premium customers & we’ll show you a proven process for each step in the marketing strategy. Then you can choose to use your team or ours to implement the strategy for you in the following parts of the strategy.


Attraction Strategy

We’ll help you to create campaigns which will attract your ideal, premium clients to your expertise, products & services.

Conversion Strategy

We’ll help you to create income producing assets that will win hearts & minds to your special point of difference.

Closing Strategy

We’ll set up a sales system to help your team to close more, profitable sales & help you scale your operations

Delighting Strategy

We’ll help you develop a customer service system which helps you win the appreciation of your customers

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The 7P Marketing Method

The 7P Marketing Method helps business owners & managers to plan & execute successful marketing campaigns that attract, convert, close & delight more of their ideal, premium clients. The method is our way of making sure that when you launch into broadcasting your marketing messages, which they resonate with your ideal, premium clients. Our method ensures that your marketing is targeted, planned, delivered & measured with precision & results.


Get your strategy started

We provide marketing strategy & implementation workshops in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Hobart to help business owners, C-Suite managers & staff to align their marketing strategy with their business goals & clients expectations. If you would like to get a complete marketing strategy mapped out & implemented for your business, you can attend one of our marketing workshops or a discovery session.

These opportunities are available at the published times or upon request.

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The 7P Marketing Method

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