Email Automation & CRM

Why Marketing Automation?

As the name suggests, marketing automation allows businesses to automate many sales & marketing tasks in a way that allows every business to scale.

Your marketing automation is the sales & marketing engine behind your website. It will handle your follow-up, extra sales calls & prospecting for your team.

While there’s no silver bullets, unicorns or get rich systems, (except on the web for just $97 a month lol) your marketing automation system will provide a framework & process for delivering the leads you need.

Email Marketing

The most well-known part of marketing automation is email nurturing or email marketing. You’ve probably seen it done really badly such as companies who spam you but if you would like to see it done well click here!

Permission Based Marketing

Permission based marketing is the only email marketing we endorse at 7P Marketing. Why would you send unsolicited (SPAM) emails out to a list you have purchased and tick everyone off with your emails.

The idea of marketing is to attract, convert, close & delight, not spam, harasses & tick off.

New Marketing

New marketing requires a new sophistication & recognition that times have changed & people have changed so with all the marketing which we implement for our clients we always use a respectful,permission-based approach

If you’re into wham, bam thank you, Stan, we would rather not work with you unless you’re looking to improve your marketing, then we’d be happy to show you a better way.

CRM Systems

Even for smaller business, a CRM system is a must. CRM stands for customer relationship management & even the smaller & cheaper systems can be quite sophisticated.

Part of your marketing strategy

Your CRM system should be connected to your entire marketing systems. It’s where you will be able to see & track the movement of prospects & be able to see where they came from, what they’ve downloaded from your site, which sales people they’ve spoken to & how close they are to making a purchase from you.

A quality CRM can help your business keep track if sales & marketing & take the guesswork out of it all.

Marketing Control Center

Your CRM system is the control centre of your marketing operations. It’s where you see set up & run your sales & marketing processes.

Unfortunately, no software will actually do any marketing for you, but it will provide the technology & the framework. If you’re looking to maximise your sales & marketing at any kind of scale, a CRM system is an absolute must.

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Which marketing software should I use?

This is something we get asked a lot. The fact is tat they are all mostly great, but it’s going to come down to your budget & what you want it to do.

There’s no perfect system, just one that gets used & that’s the main function of marketing automation, to set up a system which facilitates each phase of the marketing process. It’s best to evaluate what’s best for you & then pick & stick but there are some important tasks your CRM should be able to take care of for you.

Email tasks include

  • Creating CTA forms
  • A thank you email
  • Asset (Free Gift) Delivery
  • Follow up nurture emails
  • Special Offers /Events
  • Sales Cart & Delivery
  • Periodic Special Announcements
  • Monthly Newsletter




CRM tasks include:

  • Customer Database
  • Asset Database
  • Email Creation
  • Newsletter Creation
  • CTA Creation
  • Form Creation
  • Actions / Triggers
  • Lead Scoring
  • Analytics



CRM’s & Email Marketing for Small to Medium Businesses.

For small to medium businesses we love active campaign & Agile CRM & MailChimp. Many of these tools carry all the features of the larger systems but they have simplified them for smaller businesses.

More & more CRM’s are coming on to the market, especially for SME’s but again it’s not about the tool, it’s all about how you use it, so make sure your team knows what they are doing & can achieve the results that you deserve.

CRM’s & Email Marketing for Larger Companies

For large companies with established sales & marketing teams, you can’t go past Hubspot.n my opinion, it’s the best all-rounder & is a true sales & marketing tool.  But you also have Microsoft Dynamics, Infusionsoft & Marketo to choose from also depending on the individual features you are looking for.

For these systems, you can expect to pay many thousands of dollars in “onboarding”. This includes in-depth training & it’s worth it. These companies will train a point person both in the philosophy marketing but also in running their systems. or  & then you need someone full time to run them correctly, or you can outsource to a company like ours.

Many businesses put forward a sales or marketing manager but outsource the running of their marketing to a company like ours. It’s a smart way to go as you get a marketing team, without the full-time employee commitment.

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