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because people will only pay for value they can see.

About Content Marketing

Content marketing is a big buzz word at the moment but in truth, it’s not new!. Just think about newspapers, magazines, books, guides, TV & radio programs, product demonstrations & tradeshows. Whenever you sit to learn about an area of interest, you’re consuming content.

What’s changed however is that these days people consume content using BOTH on & offline media. Quite simply the internet has given us all a faster & more convenient way to deliver content & consume content.

The technology revolution has provided a content rich parallel universe & it’s made producing & releasing media rich content available to even the smallest businesses.

Content marketing is the sharing the information which people need to make a decision to use your products or services. What’s changed is that you can use online content to attract, convert, close & delight your customers.

Is Content Marketing Worth The Investment?

Yeah, content marketing is time-consuming & you can often feel like it’s a never-ending task, but the fact is that what you’re building is a long-term dividend producing asset & without it, you will become increasingly invisible.

Content marketing is NOT Advertising! It deals with the needs of your ideal premium customer & provides guidance for them. More than just brand awareness, content marketing builds your customers awareness of their own needs & links them to your solutions.

Now content marketing should always have a call to action, but that action may not be to buy your solution on the first date!

Content marketing & inbound marketing, in general, is about:

  • Creating awareness (attract)
  • Then understanding (convert)
  • Having a sales conversation (close)
  • Delivering an outstanding solution (delight)

You need to have a steady flow of new & engaging content which addresses people at each stage of this process. Even better when your ideal, premium clients (IPC’s) trigger the next piece of content when they are ready.

This kind of responsive marketing serves up the next piece of marketing based on the IPC’s requirements & provides a personalised experience. This is extremely effective in conjunction with personalisation of emails & re-targeting, which are the online ads which follow you around the internet once they’ve visited your site.


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So What Does Great Content Look & Feel Like?

Great content is all about your Ideal premium customer. So the answer to this question is simple.What blogs, books, videos, webinars, podcast, articles, guides, events & workshops would be of interest to your ideal premium customers?

What blogs, books, videos, webinars, podcast, articles, guides, events & workshops would be of interest to your ideal premium customers? It’s all about what they want & need not about the content you want to push on them. The biggest mistake business people make is making content all about themselves, not their ideal, premium customers.

These simple rules always apply to content creation

  • It’s about them, not you.
  • Their interests
  • Their goals
  • Their fears
  • Their frustrations
  • Their progress
  • Their path
  • Their success

Creating content should revolve around helping your ideal premium clients to get from where they are now, to where they want to be. Marketing, sales & service is about a journey that your take your IPC’s on. Whether it’s getting their tax done, building a house or cutting their hair, it’s always the same. Where are they right now & what result do they want at the end of your service?


The Goal of Great Content

Creating great content is about investing in your future sales. Yes, you want likes & clicks & shares, but it’s more than that. Every piece of content is a marketing asset, which will serve you for years to come if it’s done right!

Every piece of content should work to attract, convert, close & delight. It should be working to build layers of thought in your IPC’s mind, that you are someone worth knowing & doing business with. It may not happen today, but when they finally come to their senses they will call you to say” just solve my problems now”!

When, Where & How Often?

Content marketing is the lifeblood of modern business. It’s the best way to dominate your niche quickly and to be seen as the “go to people in your industry. Why? Because you’re not just tooting your own horn, you’re providing valuable insights, for your IPC’s. Your building a reputation and a leader in your industry and that’s far more valuable than someone who just does advertising!

Here’s the truth about content

  1. You need to start creating today.
  2. You need to be on the platforms you’re IPC’s use every day .
  3. You need to release content one or twice a day.
  4. You need to be consistent to become respected.
  5. Every journey begins with the first step.

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